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What are the steps to inflate the hookah as a beginner?

A water pipe has several components, ranging from the material, the pipe and shisha to the filters. Some components and accessories need to be ordered properly to deliver the right flavor. One of them is the hookah filter that conveys flavor…
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Tips and tricks you can add to your hookah routine

Hookah is a fun pastime for people of all ages. It is an escape and a means of relaxation. So the last thing you need to stress about is setting up and preparing your hookah, using the right hookah filters online. With the ongoing rotating…
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Most frequently asked questions about hookah filters

Read here about the most frequently asked questions about hookah filters. Questions and answers about the filters
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What do Shair’s hookah filters do?

Hookah filters that actually stop tar and other harmful substances? See our test result with a photo included.
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Using steam stones? Pay attention!

Using steam stones in your hookah or shisha could be very bad for your health. The harmful substance glycerin will release. Read more about it.
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Water pipe filter buying: what to look out for?

When you want to buy water pipe filters, there will be a lot of questions. We will help you in this post with several answers.

Do Hookah anti-tar filters filter out nicotine?

Anti-tar filters for hookahs reduce the intake of tar and other toxins. But do the anti-tar filters also filter nicotine?
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How to use Hookah Filters

This video explains the different ways the SHAIR HOOKAH FILTER can be used.
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High Quality Cigarette Tar Filters

Using a high quality cigarette tar filter makes smoking cigarettes less harmful, because this filters large amounts of tar and other toxic substances out of the cigarette.
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Some Trivia on the Hookah

Hookahs embody the union of all elements: Earth in the shisha, Water in the base, Fire in the coal, Air in the smoke, and love in the company when you enjoy a hookah together