hookah hose adapter in use outside with friends

What are the steps to inflate the hookah as a beginner?

A water pipe has several components, ranging from the material, the pipe and shisha to the filters. Some components and accessories need to be ordered properly to deliver the right flavor. One of them is the hookah filter that conveys flavor…
Shair hookah filter used with friends

Tips and tricks you can add to your hookah routine

Hookah is a fun pastime for people of all ages. It is an escape and a means of relaxation. So the last thing you need to stress about is setting up and preparing your hookah, using the right hookah filters online. With the ongoing rotating…
shisha smoking future

Future of Shisha smoking

Traditionally and nowadays, shisha smoking has been and is a very social custom, often practiced in cafés, restaurants or at home with family, friends and guests.
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Shair Filters Available

We proudly announce that the SHAIR-FILTERS are now available at SOWIESO Restaurant & Lounge.