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Tips and tricks you can add to your hookah routine

Hookah is a fun pastime for people of all ages. It is an escape and a means of relaxation. So the last thing you need to stress about is setting up and preparing your hookah, using the right hookah filters online. With the ongoing rotating mix of cultures and practices in the tradition of hookah, there is always something new to learn and implement. Certain tips can greatly improve your hookah session, whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

Useful hacks for hookah smoking in 2023

It doesn’t matter if your hookah is long, small, large or medium in size; certain hacks work for all types. Read on this blog to learn more about the hacks that completely turn the table around for hookah lovers. These tips and tricks have been tried and tested by many hookah lovers around the world. 

1. Wash your water pipe after use

It is always advisable to clean the water pipe after each use for a better hookah smoking experience. The bottle, bowl If not, then the smell of the smoke from the previously burned tobacco can stain your hookah, making your next hookah session unpleasant. Use light warm water to clean the hose for the next session.

2. Empty before starting your session

The first trek you take is always a great experience. Purifying you take that hit can make it an enlightening experience. Water pipes serve best if they are mounted correctly. But during assembly and airtightness, a lot of air pressure gets stuck in different parts of the water pipe. Purging before you start your next session will help you clear all trapped air from the inside.

3. Repair the air leakage in the water pipe parts

No matter what good quality tobacco or flavors you use, the slightest leakage ruins your hookah, making it difficult to pull out. These leaks usually occur in two places, where the head and hose are comfortable. So make sure you fit all the parts together, especially the hookah filters online, or use a growlmet that seals all the possibilities of air leaks. For a DIY, you can use a superficial tissue r oll to ensure the right airflow for a better smoking session.

4. Bury your coal in ashes to isolate them

Are you someone who needs more coal for the hookah session? What if we told you that you can enter the infinite coal matrix by keeping the ashes in the safe container? Light one or two coals as you normally do before your hookah session and bury or deepen them completely in the ashes. The shaft acts as the natural insulator and keeps the charcoal illuminated with minimal shrinkage, no shaft or turning required.

5. Switch to natural coal

If you are a hookah lover, you must have experienced the disgusting taste while inhaling the smoke from the hookah filters online. You may be breathing in more charcoal than the flavor you packed in the bowl. Instant coal burns at high temperatures in the scorched top layer and does not make full use of the bottom layer of charcoal. Natural coal burns at low temperatures and does not produce additive harmful toxins, allowing you to enjoy natural, full-bodied tasty hookah flavors.

Enjoy relaxing Hookah sessions!

Your hookah session will be more fun and relaxing if you have the perfect pipe, the right bowl of moderately lit charcoal, and the best filters. If you’re aiming for more filters for your next session, contact Shair Filters. We supply multifunctional hookah filters in red and gold and a hookah filter adapter big bag. Contact us to place an order today.