FAQ’s about Hookah Filters

Read below the questions (and answers) that exist about hookah filters. The FAQ you won’t miss.

What is the use of filter in hookah?

A hookah filter filters out 80% tar. It also filters out other harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, zinc and/or lead.

Is hookah the worst thing to smoke?

A hookah is the worst and most dangerous thing to smoke. See also the WHO report on our website.

How harmful are hookahs?

Smoking a hookah is very harmful to your health. See WHO reports on our site.

Do hookah gets you high?

You won't get high from hookahs if you use them with regular tobacco or rocks. If you are going to burn weed or cannabis in the head then yes. They usually use a bong then.

Is hookah worse than vaping

Hookah is much worse than vaping (e-cigarette).

Can sisha cause low sperm count?

Smoking a shisha cannot cause a low sperm count.