Our Reports on using Tar Filters

Read several test reports on our Shair filters,
and WHO study and facts on health issues concerning tobacco and waterpipe / hookah smoking.

After successful tests by multiple laboratories such as Cobra Technologies B.V. and ASL Analytic Service laboratory GmbH,
the Shair-Filters have been proven to eliminate up to 80% of the tar.
It also removes some of the toxins that are released from burning the coal.

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Shair-Filters is dedicated to significantly reduce the inhalation of hazardous tar components during smoking of shishas and cigarettes.

At the same time it should maintain the flavor and pleasant experience.

RMC Trading B.V. & Cobra Technologies

Present-day device for reduction of hazardous components.

The Shair-filter was developed and designed to reduce significantly the inhalation of hazardous tar components.

Technological Report

WHO Fact Sheet: Waterpipe tobacco smoking & health

Erroneous perceptions about the relative safety of waterpipe smoking is widespread,

and contributes to its growing popularity and acceptability.

However, there are more hazardous components (in number and amounts) present in shisha smoke than in cigarette/cigar smoke.

Fact Sheet

WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation

Health effects, research needs and recommended actions for regulators.
The importance of tobacco product regulation addressing concerns about the increasing prevalence and potential health effects of tobacco smoking with waterpipes.


Test report UL VS Limited

Testing of migration of certain elements.

Test Report

Test report Istituto Italiano Sicurezza dei Giocattoli Srl

Testing of migration of certain elements.

Test Report

RMC Trading BV

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The Shair Hookah Filters are completely
covered by patents Shair-Filters

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Hookah Filters
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