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Our reusable hookah filters are very user friendly. One filter can be used 2 – 4 times before a replacement is needed. A good hookah filter is very convenient. Our revolutionary Shair Hookah Filters eliminate the intake of tar and other harmful substances, therefore significantly reducing the risk of smoking, while retaining the taste and enjoyment.

What makes Shair hookah filters great?

The Shair hookah filters have been developed to filter out as much of the harmful components of tobacco as possible when using a hookah or cigarette. Our filters also remove some of the toxins that are released from coal burning. After successful tests by multiple laboratories such as Cobra Technologies B.V. and ASL Analytic Service laboratory GmbH, the Shair-Filters have been proven to eliminate up to 80% of the tar, while also getting rid of some of the toxins released while burning the coal.

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In our hookah shop there are two version of the Shair hookah filters: red and gold. We also sell adapters for your hookah hose to ensure an even better fitting result. Each hookah filters is suitable for 2-4 hours of hookah smoking. Depending on the type of tobacco used, the use of our hookah filters will reduce tar intake by up to 80%. All our filters are produced in Holland.

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As an international brand, RMC Trading B.V. offers great business opportunities to retailers, wholesalers and distributors who are interested in Shair Filters. Order from 20 to 16.800 pieces (or more). We offer our services worldwide.

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Read several test reports on our Shair filters, and WHO study and facts on health issues concerning tobacco and waterpipe / hookah smoking.

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