Lady with cigarette tar filter


It is a common fact that smoking tobacco has a negative effect on our health. This is why we have developed our revolutionary hookah filters, which can also be used as cigarette tar filters. Using a high quality cigarette tar filter makes smoking cigarettes less harmful, because this filters large amounts of tar and other toxic substances out of the cigarette. By using our filters, the familiar taste and aroma of your cigarette are preserved.

Cigarette tar filters: do they work?

As you can read above, our filters make smoking less harmful. It might sound too good to be true, but extensive research has shown that Shair’s cigarette tar filters eliminate up to 80% of the tar in the cigarette, depending on the type of tobacco that is used. Therefore, our filters significantly reduce the risks of smoking!

  • Eliminates up to 80% tar
  • Suitable for 40 cigarettes
  • Made in holland

The advantages of the Cigarette tar filter from Shair

There are several cigarette tar filters on the market. But which of them is the best cigarette tar filter? Of course, you could look for the answer in the various cigarette tar filter reviews on the internet. But this way, you would only base yourself on opinions. After years of extensive research, we have developed our filters to eliminate as many dangerous components as possible when smoking. Therefore, you can be sure that you will only find the best cigarette tar filters at! Another great advantage of our filters is that they can each be used up to 40 times, so you can be sure these filters will last you a long time.

The future of smoking

Besides being a good looking and effective cigarette tar filter, Shair’s filters can also be used as a hookah filter. When used on a hookah, the filter acts as a mouthpiece on the hose, or it could be placed between the bowl and the water hose. Either way, many of the harmful substances present in the shisha smoke will be filtered out.